package openie

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Type Members

  1. case class Extraction(arg1: Part, rel: Part, arg2s: Seq[Part], context: Option[Part], negated: Boolean, passive: Boolean) extends Product with Serializable

    * The abstract representation of an extraction.

  2. case class Instance(confidence: Double, sentence: String, extraction: Extraction) extends Product with Serializable

    * A concrete instance of an extractions.

  3. class OpenIE extends AnyRef

  4. case class OpenIEException(msg: String, e: Exception) extends Exception with Product with Serializable

  5. case class Part(text: String, offsets: Seq[Interval]) extends Product with Serializable

    * A component of an extraction.

Value Members

  1. object OpenIECli extends App

    * A command line application for exploring Open IE.

  2. package util